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I started teaching English when I was 21. I had been living in London for a few years before I decided to see more of Europe. I found myself in Hungary and I needed to work. I picked up some work teaching private lessons but without any TESOL qualifications, I couldn’t find a school willing to employ me. Eventually one school recommended I do the Cambridge CELTA course and with that they would be happy to employ me.

After passing CELTA, I taught in Hungary for the next five years. I taught everything from absolute beginner classes to Cambridge Proficiency Exam classes, and loved every minute of it. I met great people and experienced parts of the culture that few tourists get to see. After about 5 years I went on to do my DELTA, and soon after I was recruited by a big school in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic I became heavily involved in teacher training. I ran in-house development workshops, methodology courses and trained to become a CELTA trainer. Since then I have set up CELTA and TESOL programs in the UK and Australia and trained hundreds of candidates for CELTA. I became a Director of Studies and then a Principal of a large language school in the UK. I undertook a Diploma in English Language Teaching Management and then decided to move back to Australia to continue my career. I am currently the Academic Manager of Lexis English Sunshine Coast and the Director of Lexis TESOL Training Centres.

Throughout my career I have given talks at schools, universities and conferences, seen parts of the world I never expected to and met a lot of fantastic people. My goal with LTTC is to help others to experience the benefits that TESOL can bring.



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I worked in registrations for a busy language school and really enjoyed the liveliness and fun that came from dealing with international students. I had always wanted to travel myself but had never really taken the time to consider how I was going to do it. I saw the teachers having a great time at work and thought, ‘why can’t I do that and see the world?’

The next thing I knew, I’d done my course, bought my ticket and was planning my disappearance into Asia. I started off in Japan but moved around a bit. After 15 months of teaching, travelling and eating my way across several countries, I set my sights on Brazil. I spent 10 months in Brazil travelling and teaching before I decided to come home.

I now work in marketing and IT at LTTC but I still get to practise my teaching. My advice is to travel as much as you can, work in as many schools as you can and have the best time you can. If you can get paid to do it, that’s even better.


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  • This course exceeded my expectations in all areas. It was well structured, clearly and efficiently delivered and was challenging, without being overwhelming. I would advise anyone considering doing a CELTA to look here first.


  • CELTA: a very well organised, challenging and high-standard course and I'm pleased I did it with LTTC. I would recommend this course (and have done!) but especially this school. The standard is very high!


  • The CELTA course was extremely well conducted in every part. The teacher experience was enjoyable and rewarding with valuable feedback provided.


  • An amazing course, great venue, excellent value for money & Dave is the Ghandi of teaching! I'm inspired!


  • Teaching TESOL has given me so many experiences! I've even been the guest of honour at a sumo tournament! If you want to work and travel TESOL is a great way to do it.


  • I had no teaching experience when I started but the practical side of the course really gave me the confidence to stand up in front of a class. My tutors really practised what they preached so I got to see how they taught and it helped me to learn.



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