Lexis Group

Lexis Group

Lexis is a group of education companies operating in Australia, South Korea and Japan.  Within the Lexis group are award-winning English language schools, summer activity programs for international junior students, a Korean language school located in the well known Gangnam district of Seoul, and a newly opened Japanese language school in Kobe, Japan.

Lexis attracts more than 5000 students from in excess of 60 countries to its diverse range of programs each year. 

Lexis is a proud member of English Australia and the Association of Language Teaching Organisations (ALTO).  Lexis English schools are fully accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Index (ASQA).


Lexis Group Companies

Lexis English Australia

Lexis English - Brisbane

Lexis English - Byron Bay

Lexis English - Noosa

Lexis English - Perth

Lexis English - Sunshine Coast


Lexis Cambridge Testing Centres - East Coast

Lexis Cambridge Testing Centres - West Coast




Lexis TESOL Training Centres

LTTC - Brisbane

LTTC - Byron Bay

LTTC - Noosa

LTTC - Perth

LTTC - Sunshine Coast

LTTC - Korea

LTTC-  Japan


Lexis Korea

Lexis Korea - Seoul

Lexis English - Seoul





Lexis Japan

Lexis Japan - Kobe

Lexis English - Kobe



Canteen by Lexis - Perth

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  • This course exceeded my expectations in all areas. It was well structured, clearly and efficiently delivered and was challenging, without being overwhelming. I would advise anyone considering doing a CELTA to look here first.


  • CELTA: a very well organised, challenging and high-standard course and I'm pleased I did it with LTTC. I would recommend this course (and have done!) but especially this school. The standard is very high!


  • The CELTA course was extremely well conducted in every part. The teacher experience was enjoyable and rewarding with valuable feedback provided.


  • An amazing course, great venue, excellent value for money & Dave is the Ghandi of teaching! I'm inspired!


  • Teaching TESOL has given me so many experiences! I've even been the guest of honour at a sumo tournament! If you want to work and travel TESOL is a great way to do it.


  • I had no teaching experience when I started but the practical side of the course really gave me the confidence to stand up in front of a class. My tutors really practised what they preached so I got to see how they taught and it helped me to learn.



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